About Us

You rubbed all the magic balls, went through all the corridors of eclipses, shouted questions into the sky, but did not receive answers? Our mission is to help IT professionals in this rapidly changing world. There is only one life, so we want to make the life of IT professionals more carefree and interesting. How? You have a problem that you cannot solve - we solve it for you, everything is that easy.

How it works

The goal of our system is for IT professionals to receive assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible

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  1. 1
    Fill out an application

    Select one of the categories presented on the main page of our website, fill out the form, adding a description of the problem and a contact e-mail

  2. 2
    Estimation of terms and cost

    Our experts will consider your application and estimate the timing and cost of solving your problem

  3. 3
    Confirm conditions

    It will be necessary to pay a security deposit before we can begin the process of solving your problem

  4. 4
    Problem solved

    Within the agreed time frame, you will receive a solution to your problem. And in the case of more complex tasks, we can provide intermediate results



Assistance in development or full-fledged development of functionality in the areas indicated on our website



Mentoring, for example, when learning a new programming language, mastering complex IT-related material, etc.


Other questions

You can also feel free to contact us with any other questions and problems related to the categories available on the site.


Frequently asked questions

How quickly will my problem be resolved?

The approximate timeframe for resolving the problem will be indicated in the invoice sent to you. We will do our best to meet the deadlines, but even if we are late, we are ready to return your money on demand.

How well are your services provided?

We employ professionals in their field, following the best practices in order for the client to receive a quality solution to his problem in the right time frame.

At what point does the payment for the service take place?

For quickly resolved tasks, we take an advance payment, and in the case of large tasks, we divide payments into several stages, reporting on the work done between the stages.

What payment methods are available?

At the moment, payment is available through almost all popular payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, etc.


We are more than happy to give our clients a full refund in the case of a violation of the agreed terms or revealing the provision of a low-quality service

Have any questions? Contact us: [email protected]



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